Stephen Hawking Charter School San Diego

Welcome to Stephen W. Hawking Math and Science Charter School!  Our school opened its doors on July 25, 2012. We are a team of passionate educators with a big vision:

To provide a state of the art project based program integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) beginning in Pre-Kindergarten through college.

We currently are serving grades pre-kindergarten through fourth grade and will continue our growth annually.  We believe that in order for true educational transformation to occur, a school needs to be in partnership with the community it serves. 

Together as a community we will transform the current status quo occurring in our educational system into a transition that will prepare our children with the critical thinking skills and creativity that will be required for them to not only succeed but excel in the 21st century.

LCAP (Local Control Action Plan) draft 2014


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